At AVM casa, aside from great ingredients used in our product, we are doing everything we can to be better for you and the environment.

We use glass for our candles, which can either be re-used at home or recycled.  

Some of our candles are packaged in canvas or burlap pouches, which can easily be re-used for carrying your personal belongings in your bag or even for re-gifting.

The PET bottles, although also recyclable, are eventually being transitioned to either aluminum or glass.

The plastic pouches used for our bath salts will also be transitioned to waxed paper, with a small plastic window, which can be pulled apart for proper disposal.

The lip balm tubes, which are currently plastic, will soon be transitioned to kraft paper tubes.  

Most of our packaging is already made in kraft paper, from our boxes, labeling, and shopping bags, to our business cards, which are made from post consumer recycled paper.

We also re-use shipping boxes and packing materials, so don’t be surprised if you see your box arrive with another retailer’s brand logo on the box.  The fillers could be plastic bubblewrap today, but paper or foam peanuts tomorrow.  We try not to toss anything that can be used again.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to make changes for the better, so enjoy your AVM casa product knowing that we care and will continue to work hard to be more sustainable!