FAQs / Candle Care

What does AVM casa use in their candles?

AVM casa soy candles are all hand-poured using 100% soy wax. We do not use paraffin wax in our candles. We use only 100% cotton wicks, no metal or paper wicks. This is the foundation of all our candles.

Our candles are also created by adding blends of the finest-quality fragrance oils and pure essential oils. We carefully select our scents to not be over powering and to throw well when burned.

What is the difference between a soy candle and a paraffin candle?

The main difference is the wax itself. Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-byproduct and has been reported by the FDA to release potentially harmful chemicals into the air. Paraffin wax is also well known for producing a higher level of soot, the black powdery substance you often see on the sides of jar candles. When airborne, the soot is inhalable. Who wants that?

Soy wax is made from soy beans, which are a renewable resource. Soy wax burns cleaner and at a lower temperature than paraffin, providing a longer burn time for your candle in addition to helping promote a cleaner environment. Burned properly, you will notice little build up and wax residue on the containers. Soy wax is also biodegradable.

How long should I burn my candle?

It is important to recognize that all AVM casa candles should be allowed to reach a full melt pool the first time you burn your candle. A full melt pool will allow subsequent melts to remain smooth and even, burn after burn.

We recommend burning the candle for a minimum of one (1) hour for each inch of the candle’s diameter or until a full melt pool is achieved. Future burns should be no longer than four (4) hours.

Our wicks are self-trimming, but always make sure your wick is centered and trimmed to about 1/4 inch.

What are some suggestions to properly care for my AVM casa soy candle?

Always remember that failure to follow warning label instructions could result in fire or injury. Keep wax free of matches, wick trimmings, or other flammable materials. Burn only on stable, heat resistant surfaces. Keep out of drafts. It is best to discontinue use when only 1/2” of wax remains on the bottom. Do not move the candle while it is burning or if the wax is hot. Keep out of reach of children and pets.